Making Informed Choices + Hot Jobs

In the current job market, candidates are finding more than ever before a large number of jobs to choose from. This is particularly true in property management. So, if you have 10 jobs to choose from, how do you make the right decision?

Have a look and pay attention to the company culture

We spend so much time at work and often this spills over to social and friendship groups, so ask people in the know, as to how this place of work resonates in the industry. In addition, pay attention as to how they communicate through the recruitment process. Are they prompt at coming back to you, do they answer questions succinctly and are they taking the recruitment process seriously?

Validate the position description

Is the position description being offered accurate, how up-to-date is it? What responsibilities will you hold and how will your performance be measured?

Determine the salary and benefits

There are a number of jobs to choose from and while salary certainly is not everything, it is an important determinant of whether this job is for you. First of all, is the salary at current market trends. How are commissions paid and what career opportunities are they keen for you to explore?

Conduct your own background checks on the company and your potential manager

Property is a small industry in Melbourne and it is not hard to work out the better and not-so-good managers and companies out there. Be fussy about who you want to work for and do your own research.

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