All Employees Are Different + Hot Candidates

All Employees Are Different

A fundamental change to come out of our recent epidemic is learning to adjust to the changes employees expect from their work life.

While many employees thrive on being in the thick of the office environment, others prefer to work from home, while others enjoy a mix of both environments. This really just reiterates the point that not all employees are the same and work environments are no longer a “one fits all” model.

Recently I have spoken to clients, who are struggling with this, and understandably so. Their main concern focuses on, if you do one thing for one employee, are their fellow employees going to resent this? The short answer is no and the main reason for this is that rather than resent this, employees appreciate the fact that their place of work provides flexibility and recognises the differences within their workforce. This reinforces loyalty and longevity as they know if flexibility is needed for them in the future, it is workable.

People have to work out their own work-life balances and what works for them – the businesses who are thriving are the ones who realise this. If an employee needs to alter their hours on a particular day, is it really as big a deal as you think? After all, if work is not being done, it is very soon evident. The best employers focus on trust first, rather than scepticism.

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