How to Get the Most out of a Job Interview + Hot Jobs

How to Get the Most out of a Job Interview

We spend so much time at work, so preparing for a job interview is essential to ensure you make the right decision.  Most candidates are primarily looking for a good culture and friendly team.  There are many out there, so how do you ensure your job interview lets you know if this is the team for you.

Firstly, don’t underestimate your gut feeling – we know pretty quickly if we click with someone.  If you’re feeling positive about the interview, ask to meet some of the team and have a walk around the office.  You can get a great feel for the culture.

In addition, always ask for a job description – this gives you some guidance and a good company will value their staff enough to have sound and descriptive job specifications.

Finally, do your research before heading to your interview, even as much as viewing the website – check out the team and ascertain exactly what the company specialises in.