February 2023 – Newsletter & Hot Candidates

Feb 23 Hot candiates

Why Real Estate Agencies Should Keep Using The Recruitment Team at Buxton Pratt Consulting to Hire Talent in 2023.

A strong and efficient hiring procedure is crucial for real estate businesses in a continuously changing employment market. For real estate companies looking to locate and hire top talent in 2023, Buxton Pratt Consulting will continue to be a useful resource.

We maintain, nurture and develop a large database of candidates spanning 23 years, the majority of who have specific knowledge and experience in the real estate market. By doing this, we have consistent access to a pool of eligible and qualified talent, meaning our clients are spared the time and effort of conducting their own searches for candidates.

Cost savings: Buxton Pratt Consulting manage the entire employment process, from posting job ads to holding interviews, reference checking, and qualifying candidates, which saves clients both time and money. More often than not, we will have qualified candidates already on our database to suit our client’s specific requirements.

Time management: The recruitment process, particularly in this market is incredibly time-consuming. Delegating this responsibility allows our property clients significant time to concentrate on their primary business operations.

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Final Tip: Offering candidates the opportunity to work from home at least on a part-time basis, will be more crucial in 2023 for luring and keeping top talent. Candidates will seek employers who provide flexible work schedules, particularly as remote work becomes more and more common.