December 2022 – Newsletter & Hot Jobs

Real Estate and Property certainly came back to life with a bang this year.  While we started off the year with trepidation as we slowly reentered the workforce, lockdown and quiet streets, now seem a long time ago.

The real estate industry saw quite a few leave the industry and some changes to the workforce.  Many companies changed their policies in relation to flexibility and working from home, having seen how well it could work and how much employees’ mindsets had shifted throughout Covid.  Others preferred a return to the office and the camaraderie this brings to a team.

With rising interest rates and a fearfulness to sell property in the current market, property management has remained constant and great support to real estate offices.

With future trends predicting a stabilization of the property market in late 2023 and continued growth in the rental market, there has never been a better time to ensure you are with the right company for the long term.  As an employee, it is important to look for a friendly team culture, genuine career prospects, and an office that truly sees the value in its staff.