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10 Tips to Dress for Interview Success

5 May 2014

Are you struggling to decide what to wear for your upcoming job interview? Your outfit for an interview creates an image or perception of the type of person you are, so choosing your attire is critical to presenting yourself as the right candidate to hire.

Tips to dress for Positive Impact

  1. Spend some time on the internet researching the company, industry and competitors to determine suitable interview outfits. If in doubt, err on the side of being slightly over dressed, rather than arriving looking too casual.

Reference Checking

13 March 2014
Reference Checking

This morning we attended a client visit where we were informed by our client they have spent over $15,000 correcting and fixing mistakes made by a Property Manager they directly employed 8 months ago.  We asked the client if they had reference checked the candidate - to which they responded “we couldn’t as she was still working”.

Email Sins & Phantom Phone Alerts

12 February 2014
Overloaded email graphic

Before you hit send … stop and think - am I committing a sin?

According to new research there are 7 deadly sins staff are guilty of, and by failing to follow email etiquette the mental health of the sender and recipient is being damaged.

A research team studied 28 email accounts to see which messages raised workers’ stress levels,  and from this they identified 7 sins that tend to lead to negative and harmful feelings.

According to their findings the 7 sins are:

1. Ping pong emailing or emailing back and forth rapidly

Top CV Lies

5 February 2014

Upon receiving a pile of CVs to review - if you were to divide them in half, and add a bit more to one of the piles that would be the amount of resumes that could contain lies.

These are the results according to a survey of more than 23,000 businesses where they found more than 56% had experienced staff lying on their CV.  One senior Director commented how surprisingly common it is for people to lie on their resumes.  Reasons for this include wanting to impress and tick all the boxes.

Top 10 Motivators

30 January 2014
Top 10 Graphic

Managers are letting their team down when it comes to motivating staff returning to work after the long festive summer break. According to research only 30% of managers make a special effort to motivate their staff after the long break, despite more than half of all white collar professionals indicating they found it hard to get back into work mode.

Keep Motivated Over Summer!

13 January 2014
Motivation image

January can be a bit of a “downer” for many employees, having returned from the festive break to watch glorious summer days unfold from the office window.  Here are some tips to keep motivation levels up and maintain focus:

Write a list of things to do

If you feel like everything seems to be stacking up one on top of the other, then a good way to stay in check is to write out all your tasks and tick them off as you go,  this helps you keep track of what has been done and what is yet to be completed.