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Facebook whilst Job Searching

27 August 2015

Facebook is used by over nine million Australians and over 500 million people Worldwide. Privacy is an issue on Facebook in general, but it's even more of an issue when you're job searching. If you're not careful, everything you post on Facebook can be seen by your current employer or a prospective employer. Inappropriate comments and/or photos have cost job seekers offers and have caused employees to be fired.

Ridiculous Resume Mistakes

3 March 2015

A hilarious error can make a CV stand out just as much as a well put together resume. Here are a few that will make you laugh!

Hilarious Cover Letter Statements

“You are going read this letter and think I am either too serious or a complete flake.”

“Hire me today and take advantage of a diamond in the ruff.”

“I am extremely loyal to my present firm, so please don't let them know I'm looking to change jobs."

“I recently launched my own business, but since it's quickly losing money, I need a job.”

Benefits of Temps

13 November 2014

Flexible working is becoming more and more popular, with real estate companies often having temp staff as part of their workforce.

Research shows that 80% of Australian workers see temporary work as a stepping stone into a full time job and organisations can benefit from allowing workers to prove themselves in non-permanent roles.

BPC doesn’t ignore Job Hoppers

5 June 2014
Job Hopping Graphic

Long serving employees are becoming an endangered species in a modern World characterised by: downsizing, mergers and acquisitions.

Gone are the days when we could expect to have a pile of resumes containing job for lifers. Research shows that the average employee changes jobs every 3 - 4 years, and some even more frequently.