Placing People Professionally

Why are your Staff Leaving?

20 February 2014

Have you ever asked yourself why are your staff leaving?  When was the last time you did some research into Real Estate and Property Management salaries, employment conditions, hours of work, commission structures, etc.?

At Buxton Pratt Consulting we do this daily, simply by interviewing our candidates and gathering industry information.  You may have noticed over the last 5 - 10 years there is a huge shortage of Property Managers.  PM’s now have a choice of up to 10 jobs when they look for a new opportunity.  If you lose a Property Manager and need to replace them, take the opportunity to create a role that makes your company more appealing than others.

Create a point of difference - it doesn’t have to be just more money.  Try offering a gym membership, flexible work hours, PC connection at home so they can work from home one day a week.  There are many things employees are now looking for in a new job so why not stand out from the crowd to attract the best.