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Top 10 Motivators

30 January 2014

Managers are letting their team down when it comes to motivating staff returning to work after the long festive summer break. According to research only 30% of managers make a special effort to motivate their staff after the long break, despite more than half of all white collar professionals indicating they found it hard to get back into work mode.

Most people struggle to get back into a work rhythm after the holidays and come February there is a dramatic spike in those looking for a new role - warning employers that failure to motivate their staff may result in low productivity and higher staff turnover.

While financial incentives continue to reign supreme, there are other incentives on offer to help jumpstart employee motivation. These include establishing clear set goals for staff members, as well as organising an early team event to help kick-start bonding and energise staff.

Top 10 Motivators

  1. Money
  2. Work/life balance
  3. Being valued and recognised
  4. Interesting work
  5. Working with good people who they can learn from
  6. Flexible hours
  7. Good Managers
  8. Finding meaning and purpose in the work they do
  9. Job security
  10. A great company doing good work

Source HC Online - C Edmond