Placing People Professionally

Reference Checking

13 March 2014

This morning we attended a client visit where we were informed by our client they have spent over $15,000 correcting and fixing mistakes made by a Property Manager they directly employed 8 months ago.  We asked the client if they had reference checked the candidate - to which they responded “we couldn’t as she was still working”.

It is sometimes the candidates who interview extremely well that are the ones to be wary of.  At Buxton Pratt Consulting we have previously interviewed candidates who we thought would be the perfect fit for our client - only to discover all sorts of hidden secrets when we thoroughly reference checked the candidate.  One reference recently informed us they had found 3 months’ worth of mail in the boot of their receptionist’s car!

When a candidate you are considering employing provides you with referees, always ask for a land line rather than a mobile number.  That way you know where the referee is actually working and that you are speaking to the correct person.  Always ask for a Director as a referee, do not accept a work colleague.  If you are not provided with the referee’s position, you can often find this information on the company website.

A person’s previous behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.  References are the most relied upon method to determine a person’s potential performance. It is also a great way to determine where the candidate may require additional skills training.

Emma Buxton – Director BPC