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10 Tips to Dress for Interview Success

5 May 2014

Are you struggling to decide what to wear for your upcoming job interview? Your outfit for an interview creates an image or perception of the type of person you are, so choosing your attire is critical to presenting yourself as the right candidate to hire.

Tips to dress for Positive Impact

  1. Spend some time on the internet researching the company, industry and competitors to determine suitable interview outfits. If in doubt, err on the side of being slightly over dressed, rather than arriving looking too casual.
  2. Organise what you are going to wear a few days before to allow time to make a purchase if you need to. Remember to remove tags from any new purchases!
  3. Ensure your clothes are clean, ironed and your shoes polished and clean.
  4. If you have piercings in places like your nose and eyebrows consider removing them for your interview. Similarly with tattoos - if you don’t know the company or their dress code, wear clothes that cover your tattoos until you’ve checked it out for yourself.
  5. Ladies - take it easy on the perfume, makeup and accessories, and men - go easy on the aftershave – you don’t want anything to distract the interviewer.
  6. Make sure you are comfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting in an interview in a shirt that is constricting you or a skirt that is cutting off your circulation – it’s too distracting.
  7. Ladies, don’t wear anything too revealing.
  8. Ensure your nails and hands are clean.
  9. Don’t smoke before your interview and definitely no alcohol.
  10. If you have certificates, document or papers to take with you, present them in a nice folder. It doesn’t have to be leather bound – a neat plastic one is only a few dollars and is a better impression that plastic shopping bags!

Your clothes can influence your chances of getting a job

There is a saying: “Perception is reality.”

Think about the image you want to project during your interview and then choose an outfit that will create a positive perception and is appropriate, given the time of year, and the job/company/industry.

Source – Forbes, One2oneresumes