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Is your desk less hygienic than a toilet?

1 September 2014

Germs on desk

If you’re currently eating at your desk, you might want to put your lunch or snack down and pick up the anti-bacterial wipes.  If you eat at your desk it could have 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

A recent survey indicated that 47% of adults eat at their desks, unaware that they’d be better off eating in the bathroom. The survey also found a serious gap in hygiene when it comes to people’s understanding of when and why they should wash their hands. Most people wash them after going to the bathroom, but you should be washing them after using every day work tools – such as phones and keyboards.

The report highlights that we don't wash our hands after using the most germ-infested items we touch every day.  And very few people wash their hands after using gym equipment, handling money or taking public transport.

Why does this matter?  Because countless items - such as microwave door handles, lift buttons and restaurant menus - are more germ-infested than bathrooms.

If you want to reduce the germ count in your office and reduce spreading sickness - consider using hand sanitizer around the workplace, and have anti-bacterial wipes or spray available.

Make sure the common breeding grounds for germs are included on the list of areas for cleaners to wipe down, and educate workers about the importance of regular hand washing.

Extract from HC -  C Nobes