Placing People Professionally

Re-ignite a burnt-out workforce

13 October 2014


Burnout image

Managers often work hard to motivate and stretch employees to continually reach increasing levels of output and creativity.

Issues can arise when workers face ongoing pressure to be innovative, hard-working, and quick on their feet.  At some point employees who were once encouraged to make progress, no longer feel they have the momentum to move forward.

Here are 5 ideas that directors and managers can use to successfully re-light that spark once more.

  • Carry out inspirational dialogue with staff.  It’s important to emphasize why new goals are necessary, and remain accessible and transparent so there are no feelings of desertion.
  • Be honest about high expectations, and make it clear that supervisors are aware of the tremendous efforts required by staff.
  • Recognise that some employees cannot handle additional tasks to their workload, while others prefer not to take on additional assignments.  Managers should be able to distinguish between the two, and react accordingly.
  • If employees feel overwhelmed or struggle with physical or mental health issues, try not to solve their problems, but consult an expert.
  • Do not succumb to extreme leadership styles - it is possible to be strong yet versatile.

Perhaps most importantly, managers should always maintain a strict balance between encouraging productivity and fostering a healthy relationship among employees and their work.  When workers feel that they are valued for their contributions, as well as their personal attributes, they will often feel reinspired to once again aim to reach new heights.

 by I Hopkins HR Online