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Benefits of Temps

13 November 2014

Flexible working is becoming more and more popular, with real estate companies often having temp staff as part of their workforce.

Research shows that 80% of Australian workers see temporary work as a stepping stone into a full time job and organisations can benefit from allowing workers to prove themselves in non-permanent roles.

Flexible work is seen from a range of different perspectives, and it's really encouraging that people see it as a way to get into full time work. It can be seen as a way of getting experience in industries where things change and you need to upskill, the opportunity to be able to prove your worth to an organisation without them necessarily making a full time commitment to you.

For mothers returning to the workforce after maternity leave, young workers entering the workforce and older employees at a higher risk of unemployment, temporary work is a way to get a foot in the door.

A lot of companies now have a strong component of temporary workers. With more businesses looking for flexibility, they are now looking at how they can match their workforce to the business needs and temporary staff becomes an important part of that.

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by J Smith HR Online