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Candidates at Buxton Pratt Consulting

Buxton Pratt Consulting is always interested to hear from talented candidates across our industry specialties. Offering career advice and providing excellent industry knowledge, Buxton Pratt Consulting will always ensure the confidentially of your application.

Our candidates are the focal point of our business. We make a serious commitment to ensure that all candidates receive a positive experience at Buxton Pratt Consulting. Taking the time to listen and understand your career aspirations makes our recruitment service unique. This enables us to find the best fit for you and our clients.

The Real Estate, Property and Insurance industries in Victoria are tightly held and encompass closely knit businesses. They are all niche markets, and therefore it is essential that you have the right recruitment consultant working for you. Having someone that already has an established relationship with your potential employer is the best start you can give yourself.

The consultant’s at Buxton Pratt Consulting know the roles they are recruiting for, and will listen to your requirements to ensure you have an established career path.

That is why we ensure you are only referred to the positions you want, and that the end result is an ideal fit for both the candidate and the client.